Disability FAQ

How do I find out if I am eligible for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits?
Social Security Disability provides benefits when your physical and/or mental limitations prevent you from working full time. If you’re unsure whether you meet the eligibility criteria, call us, and we can go over your case free of charge.
How do I apply for Social Security Disability?
We recommend calling the local SSA office & setting up an appointment to apply in person or by phone.  You can apply online as well at the Social Security Administration website, however, the online application process can be confusing and it’s easy to miss something on the application or not provide complete information. Talking to someone at the SSA office assures that they will get all of the information they need to thoroughly evaluate your claim.
When should I get an attorney?
While we accept cases at any stage, the sooner you begin working with an attorney, the better. The documentation submitted in the early stages of the process have a substantial impact on everything, including the likelihood of prevailing in your claim. That’s why we offer free assistance with filing initial applications.
What if I’m working with a different attorney or representative… can I switch to Halpern Law Group?
Yes, you are completely free to switch representatives. If we accept your case, we will contact your prior representative on your behalf, notifying them of your change in representation.
I’m a health care professional… do you have any advice for me with respect to Social Security Disability?
As a holistically focused law firm, the best outcome we can hope for at HLG is your patient’s return to wellness so that he or she can begin working again. Our goal is allowing you to focus on the therapeutic relationship while we focus on your patient’s disability claim. Comprehensive treatment notes reflecting the reality of your patient’s daily mental or physical limitations are very helpful to your patients’ disability claims.

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