HLG Introduces A New Service for Clients

HLG Introduces A New Service for Clients

In recent years, a new trend has become apparent in the field of Social Security Disability: a reduction in approval of SSD cases that proceed to the hearing phase –from approximately two-thirds of cases being approved, down to fewer than half.

The bottom line for Social Security Disability applicants is that severely disabled applicants now face big hurdles to receiving disability benefits. When a judge is deciding the merits of an application, the decision often boils down to small details that the ordinary person might consider unimportant when filling out their application.

That’s why Halpern Law Group is now offering a new Application Assistance Program for no additional fee. Our fee remains the same (as mandated by the government): we are only paid if the client wins their case.

Representing a client from the initial application allows a more thorough understanding of the client’s case. Crucial steps are taken at the beginning of the application process and having someone familiar with this process who knows the law is beneficial. Furthermore, documentation submitted in the early stages of the process may have a substantial impact on everything that follows, most importantly the likelihood of prevailing in a claim.

The SSA disability process can be extremely time consuming, confusing and overwhelming. As a holistically focused law firm, we hope that our clients return to wellness so that they can begin working again. If they are not able to achieve wellness in the short term, our role is to focus on proving that our clients meet the SSA disability criteria. At HLG, we strive to provide peace of mind to our clients and believe that this new service will enable us to do just that.


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